El Corno Emplumado / The Plumed Horn

From January, 1962 through July, 1969, El Corno Emplumado / The Plumed Horn was on the cutting edge of independent publishing. The bilingual quarterly, which ran from 100 to almost 300 pages per issue, published some of the best new work to come out of Latin and North America—with occasional sections from Canada, Finland, France, and other countries. Its 3,000 copies were distributed worldwide. The journal was founded and co-edited by Margaret Randall and Sergio Mondragon. In its last year Robert Cohen replaced Mondragon on the masthead. Because it took a stand in defense of Mexico’s 1968 Student Movement, in mid-1969 the journal was forced to close. It had published 31 issues and a dozen books.

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EL CORNO EMPLUMADO - A STORY OF THE SIXTIES, a film available in English and Spanish versions, is available at El Corno Emplumado

Articles in this section

  • El Corno Emplumado 21

    , by Margaret Randall

    El Corno #21 featured an anthology of new Chilean poetry by such as Nicanor Parra, Gonzalo Rojas, Enrique Lihn, Jorge Teillier, Waldo Rojas, and Floridor Perez. Other contributors were Julio Cortazar, Susan Sherman, Agusti Bartra, Haroldo de Campos (translated into English by Edwin Morgan), (...)

  • El Corno Emplumado 22

    , by Margaret Randall

    Among the poets and writers in El Corn #22, were Denise Levertov, Ernesto Cardenal, Claudio Bertonio, Sergio Mondragon, Alan Trachtenberg, Anselm Hollo, Homero Aridjis, Cecilia Vicuna, Rochelle Owens, Jose Agustin Goytisolo, Margo Glantz, Ketih Wilson, Lawrence Ferlinghetti (in Spanish (...)

  • El Corno Emplumado 23

    , by Margaret Randall

    Almost since the beginning, El Corno had contact with Cuban poets and artists. In January, 1967 we visited the island for the first time, to attend El encuentro con Ruben Dario, a meeting of poets and critics honoring the 100th anniversary of the great Nicaraguan modernist. We brought back a (...)

  • El Corno Emplumado 24

    , by Margaret Randall

    El Corno #24 included Ezra Pound in Jose Coronel Urtecho and Ernesto Cardenal beautiful Spanish translations, the Haitian Rene Depestre in Elinor Randall’s English translation, Clayton Eshleman, Diane Wakoski, Fernando Alegria, Phil Garrison, Julio Cortazar, Thomas Merton and many others. Visual (...)

  • El Corno Emplumado 25

    , by Margaret Randall

    Our first issue of 1968 featured Jose Coronel Urtecho and Ernesto Cardenal’s excellent translations of William Carlos Williams, poetic tributes to Ernesto "Che" Guevara by Nicolas Guillen and Margaret, a small anthology of new Chilean poetry—Cecilia Vicuna, Claudio Bertonio and Marcelo Charlin, (...)