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    , by Margaret Randall

    This is an interesting review of my book TALKING STICK, published in Mexico City:

  • Why Activist Poet Margaret Randall Is a...

    , by Margaret Randall

    Why Activist Poet Margaret Randall Is a Perfect Muse for SITE Santa Fe The 2016 biennial, dubbed “Much Wider Than a Line,” is the second edition of a rethinking of the event.
    Ben Davis, July 8, 2016
    Margaret Randall, self-described “feminist poet, writer, photographer and social activist,” was (...)

  • Book Review: Che On My Mind

    , by dani

  • Daughter of Lady Jaguar Shark

    , by dani

    My new single-poem chapbook, DAUGHTER OF LADY JAGUAR SHARK, is just out from Wings Press. Once again, Bryce Milligan has produced a gem of an edition; he designed, hand-printed, and hand-bound the little volume that also contains 15 full-color images. It can be ordered directly from the (...)