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    , by Margaret Randall

    A talking stick, sometimes called a speaker’s staff, is an instrument of aboriginal democracy used by many native tribes and adopted by a number of contemporary groups—political, discussion, creative, therapeutic, recovery—as a way of assuring all voices will be heard. The person (...)


    , by Margaret Randall

    Written in Patria o Muerte
    When night shrouds this Havana street its buildings might be freshly painted, no electrical wires struggling for power, no despair hanging from a full moon pale orange in duplicitous sky.
    Night the great equalizer— what we do not see cannot make us sad. Fifty-six (...)


    , by Margaret Randall

    We love and nourish one another, live together, and for each of us our art is the focus of the physical space we inhabit: two working studios side by side. So it is only natural that from time to time what one does motivates an ekphrastic response in the other. Like the proverbial chicken and (...)


    , by Margaret Randall

    It should come as no surprise. I found her by the banks of the San Antonio. I know, you’d think she’d choose the Rio Grande or Colorado for her nightly walks: rivers of strength and purpose, dividing nations or raging through the greatest canyon of them all. But I knew she preferred more (...)