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    , by Margaret Randall

    Vallejo’s Man Passes with a Loaf of Bread
    Menacing courtroom scent of polished wood invades my skin when I revisit that no-man’s land and all its questions.
    Stench of Bismuna’s battlefield floats faint on trickster wind. Where I wandered and with whom one ferocious November day, shame of (...)

  • First Laugh: Essays 2000-2009

    , by Margaret Randall

    Pumping Gas
    Again I am somewhere else. Or everywhere at once. But as always, every word has its color. Sometimes, when I lose one now, the color rises behind my eyes but the word still plays hide and seek. Taunts me from the sidelines. Or a vast rainbow looms, and I must find my way through (...)

  • Their Backs to the Sea

    , by Margaret Randall

    Easter Island, Rapa Nui, or simply the land your ancestors felt no need to name, place that receives me now eager and awkward: my eyes hauling picture-book images, mouth filled with questions juggling answers as I breathe. I will think of you as an island without color on a map, your first (...)