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  • Testigo de Piedra

    , by Margaret Randall

    Testigo de piedra nació en Kiet Seel, una ruina de nuestros ancestros pueblo ubicada en la parte norte del estado de Arizona cerca de la frontera con Utah. Se encuentra bajo la jurisdicción del Navajo National Monument y la maneja el Servicio Nacional de Parques y la Nación Navajo. Cada (...)


    , by Margaret Randall

    Vallejo’s Man Passes with a Loaf of Bread
    Menacing courtroom scent of polished wood invades my skin when I revisit that no-man’s land and all its questions.
    Stench of Bismuna’s battlefield floats faint on trickster wind. Where I wandered and with whom one ferocious November day, shame of (...)

  • First Laugh: Essays 2000-2009

    , by Margaret Randall

    Pumping Gas
    Again I am somewhere else. Or everywhere at once. But as always, every word has its color. Sometimes, when I lose one now, the color rises behind my eyes but the word still plays hide and seek. Taunts me from the sidelines. Or a vast rainbow looms, and I must find my way through (...)