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  • Gathering Rage

    Chapter 1 / Where It Suddenly Came Clear . . . (fragment)
    The scene is a solidarity conference in Managua, October 1991. A year and a half after its electoral defeat, the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) has invited supporters of Nicaragua’s revolution to meet and analyze is (...)

  • The Price You Pay: The Hidden Cost of Women’s Relationship to Money

    The Egg Route (fragment)
    " . . . the entity called the family—that battleground, open wound, haven and theater of the absurd, which dominates each human childhood." —Adrienne Rich
    "Interdependency between women is the way to a freedom which allows the I (...)

  • Dancing with the Doe

    Joel Oppenheimer, 1930-1988
    The strong wife of my firstborn’s father calls to tell us it’s time. Tomorrow or the next day a week at most. He talks and is not in pain, has prepared well to die.
    And you? I ask. There’s no preparing . . . I search for words. Come on, you’re the poet, she challenges (...)

  • This Is About Incest

    Rain almost hides my mountains today. Low clouds snag the rocky skirts. Colors of rain and clouds clean everything.
    I speak of the rain, the clouds, the living colors of this land because it seems impossible
    to cut this silence with the words my grandfather was a (...)