Margaret Randall

Margaret Randall
“Then I saw what the calling was :
it was the road I traveled”
- Muriel Rukeyser

My life and work have been profoundly informed by parents who gave me love and adventure, and encouraged creativity; the dramatic desert canyons, rich colors and open skies of the southwestern United States; Socialist ideals; the second wave of feminism; and the generous mentorship of many great friends and colleagues. My children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren are always with me, even when far away; and my spouse Barbara is bedrock. New York’s abstract expressionist painters in the 1950s, Mexico and her struggles of the 1960s, the Cuban revolution’s second brave decade in the 1970s, the Vietnamese people’s struggle against US attack and occupation in that same decade, and the Sandinista attempt to change Nicaragua in the early 1980s were places and events that shaped me. The exploration of ancient sites continues to be a source of nourishment, and I have long been involved with oral tradition. I deeply believe in humanistic values, combating our culture of violence and greed, and art as a tool for change. I invite you to enter my website, learn about my books, read my poetry and look at my photographic images.

El Corno Emplumado 10

El Corno #10 featured primitive poetry from around the world: from the Comanche, Arapaho, Paiute, and Ojibwa of the lower United States; the Tlingites and Eskimos of Alaska; the Ba-iles and Pigmies of Africa; and the native inhabitants of Easter Island. To illustrate these poems, we invited Cirilo Salgado (age 22) and Juan Martinez (age 12), two young artists from the state of Guerrero, Mexico, to make drawings specially for the issue. As they sat at our kitchen table, with their brushes (...)

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  • Starfish on a Beach: The Pandemic Poems

    , by Margaret Randall

    As the COVID pandemic gripped the world, I found myself writing poems addressing some of the feelings and experiences it engendered. I posted some on Facebook, and there was an immediate response, which prompted me to keep going. Soon I had a book-length collection.

  • My Life in 100 Objects

    , by Margaret Randall

    Inspired by a 2010 book focused on 100 objects owned by the British Museum, I chose, photographed and wrote brief texts about 100 material objects and physical places that have had an impact on my life.

  • Traspasar los límites: Haydée Santamaría

    , by Margaret Randall

    In 2015, Duke University Press published my book about Cuban revolutionary Haydée Santamaría. In Cuba, Aida Bahr made a thoughtful translation of the book and Editorial Oriente in Santiago committed to its publication. The book was designed and ready to go when it gradually became apparent that it would not be released. Cuban censorship clearly objected to some of what I had to say about one of the heroins of the revolution. I finally took the book to a publisher in Viña del Mar, Chile, and this beautiful edition is the result. My tribute to Haydée is now available to a Spanish-language readership.

  • Artists in My Life

    , by Margaret Randall

    Throughout my life, I have been deeply moved and inspired by a number of visual artists. This book is a tribute to some of them: painters, photographers, architects, sculptors. New Village Press did a beautiful job of producing an elegant edition with many full-color plates.

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