Wings Press, San Antonio, Texas 2013

DAUGHTER OF LADY JAGUAR SHARK single poem chapbook

, by Margaret Randall

Daughter of Lady Jaguar Shark

I am still here, daughter of the great city,
counter of days,
apprentice to scribes
grinder of maiz
the liquid brown of chocolate
on my tongue.

Daughter of Lady Jaguar Shark,
traveler to Copán, Chichén ,
carrier of copper, shells and light.

Transparent as air
and from a place
your eyes cannot enter
I watch as you wander
this time I still call home . . .

Once again, Bryce Milligan has produced a gem of an edition; he designed, hand-printed, and hand-bound the little volume that also contains 15 full-color images. You can order DAUGHTER OF LADY JAGUAR SHARK directly from Wings Press.