October, 1962

El Corno Emplumado 4

, by Margaret Randall

As we approached the end of our first year, we decided to devote the entire last issue of each year to a book by a single poet—in bilingual, facing text format. This would require a great deal of work, but we were enthusiastic about embarking on this tradition, making a good body of work by one poet available in both languages. We decided we would alternate years, choosing a Spanish language poet one year and an English language poet the next. El Corno would honor this tradition throughout its life.

Who better to be our first book author but the Catalan poet Agusti Bartra who, after the Spanish Civil War and like so many of his compatriots, had taken refuge in Mexico. Bartra’s long poem, "Marsias & Adila," became El Corno Empluado #4. Elinor Randall did the English translation. Bartra would remain close to the journal, and we would publish him again. We were proud that his epic poem was our first full-length bilingual book.