April, 1966

El Corno Emplumado 18

, by Margaret Randall

Our issue #18 showcased contemporary Mexican poetry in a completely bilingual facing-page edition. This took a great deal of work, but we lived among these poets and felt a deep need to make their work available beyond their borders. Among the 14 featured poets were Octavio Paz, Juan Martinez, Juan Banuelos, Jaime Sabines, Jose Carlos Becerra, Isabel Fraire, Homero Aridjis, Jose Emilio Pacheco, Rosario Castellanos, Jaime Labastida, Thelma Nava, Efrain Huerta, and Marco Antonio Montes de Oca.

The issue also included shorter offerings of Algerian poetry and Nadaista poetry from Colombia. And their were others, among them: Christopher Perret, Hannah Weiner, Spencer Holst, and William Carlos Williams in Spanish translation.

Drawings for this issue were done especially for El Corno by Mexico’s Jose Luis Cuevas. Cover art was a fragment of Picasso’s Guernica, with the words "Stop the war in Vietnam Now!" running vertically along one side.