April, 1962

El Corno Emplumado 2

, by Margaret Randall

El Corno’s first issue quickly established its authenticity—the promise that we would publish quarterly and that the journal’s pages would serve poetry rather than the other way around. Now, instead of our trying to convince people we were serious about producing a literary journal, they began to seek us out.

El Corno #2 featured work by Agusti Bartra, Robert Creeley, Clayton Eshleman, Sergio Mondragon, Paul Blackburn, Juan Banuelos, Margaret Randall, Allen Ginsberg, Rosario Castellonos, Robert Kelly, Jose Cardenas Pena, Werner Bruenner, Cesar Vallejo, Serge Gavronsky, and Ray Bremser. There were letters from Robert Kelly, Waldo Frank, Mark di Suvero and others. Some was in Spanish, some in English, and when possible we offered translations. The artwork was by Mathias Goeritz, Julius Tobias and Bruce Conner.