October, 1966

El Corno Emplumado 20

, by Margaret Randall

El Corno #20 continued our interest in European poetry with an anthology of nine Dutch and Flemish poets, among them Remco Campert, Hans Warren, Phia Baruch, Ellen Warmond, and Fritz de Blauw.

The issue also includes work by William Agudelo, Gino Clays, Rudolf Baranik, Raquel Jodorowsky, Paul Blackburn, and Larry Eigner. Betelu, Juan Soriano, Elaine de Kooning, Raphael Soyer, Philip Guston, and Felipe Ehrenberg are among the visual artists in the issue. Letters come from Ernesto Cardenal, Dan Georgakas, and others.

The cover of El Corno #20 is a photograph of a rally to protest the convictions of James Johnson, Dennis Mora, and David Samas, three U.S. Army privates who had the courage to refuse to fight in Vietnam.