January, 1967

El Corno Emplumado 21

, by Margaret Randall

El Corno #21 featured an anthology of new Chilean poetry by such as Nicanor Parra, Gonzalo Rojas, Enrique Lihn, Jorge Teillier, Waldo Rojas, and Floridor Perez. Other contributors were Julio Cortazar, Susan Sherman, Agusti Bartra, Haroldo de Campos (translated into English by Edwin Morgan), Jose Agustin, and Harry Lewis. Dan Georgakas interviewed James Baldwin.

Margaret got to know Nicanor Parra in Cuba in 1968, when both of them were delegates to the Cultural Congress of Havana. His sister, the great singer/songwriter and cultural icon Violeta Parra had just taken her own life in Santiago de Chile. Nicanor and his sister were different sensibilities: she the passionate promotor of cultural activities beneath a giant tent, he the writer of what he called the "anti-poem." A characteristic of El Corno Emplumado was its refusal to showcase a single poetic school or movement; we wanted to publish many different types of writing.