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April, 1967

El Corno Emplumado 22

Thursday 6 March 2008, by Margaret Randall

Among the poets and writers in El Corn #22, were Denise Levertov, Ernesto Cardenal, Claudio Bertonio, Sergio Mondragon, Alan Trachtenberg, Anselm Hollo, Homero Aridjis, Cecilia Vicuna, Rochelle Owens, Jose Agustin Goytisolo, Margo Glantz, Ketih Wilson, Lawrence Ferlinghetti (in Spanish translation by Fernando Alegria), Jerome Rothenberg, Ruben Dario (in English translation by Elinor Randall), and Hector Cattolica.

Cuban Umberto Pena and Argentine Guillermon provide the issue’s drawings, and the cover is by Mexican Felipe Ehrenberg. Letters are from Gonzalo Arango, Cecilia Vicuna, William Agudelo, Claudio Bertoni, and Cid Corman, among others.

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