July, 1968

El Corno Emplumado 27

, by Margaret Randall

El Corno #27 includes work by Ann Quin, Robert Sward, Robert David Cohen, Dubjinski Barefoot, Margaret Randall, Thomas Merton, Susan Sherman, William Agudelo, and Eduardo Escobar, among others. Three Mexican poets are Isabel Fraire, Homero Aridjis, and Jaime Labastida. There are also two guerilla poets, Guatemalan Otto-Rene Castillo and Peruvian Javier Heraud, as well as a small section of Quechua poetry.

Photographs are by the Cuban photographer Mayito. Drawings are by Raul Martinez, Umberto Pena, Jesus de Armas, Robert David Cohen, and Jaime Carrero. There is also a selection of Santaria signatures drawn by Cuban ethnologist Argeliers Leon. Robert David Cohen did the cover.

Letters and book reviews round out the issue.