October, 1968

El Corno Emplumado 28

, by Margaret Randall

El Corno #28, in October 1968, appeared just as the Mexican Student Movement was viciously put down by the Diaz Ordaz government. Little did we know that this would be the beginning of the end of our publishing endeavor. Although the journal would have three more issues, it was already doomed.

This issue again featured an anthology of new Cuban poetry by, among others, Nicolas Guillen, Luis Rogelio Nogueras, Virgilio Pinera, and Exilia Saldana. There were also three Greek poets: Iakovas Kambanellis, Kostas Kovanis, and Yannis Ritsos. Other contributors included Clarence Major, Fernando Alegria, Clayton Eshleman, Al Young, Ernesto Cardenal, Todd Gitlin and Michele Murray. Donald Gardner translated Ernesto Cardenal and Jose Coronel Urtecho, and we published a series of letters between Sigmund Freud and Lou-Andreas Salome. Thomas Gatten translated the Spanish poet Rafael Alberti. Kilton Stewart’s "Dream Culture of the Senoi" was an important study.

U.S. American photographer George Cohen’s portfolio of images from the Pentagon Action, and artwork by Judith Gutierrez, Sylvia de Swaan and Rini Templeton illustrate the issue.

The cover art is by Margaret and Sergio’s daughter Sarah Dhyana Mondragon, who at age five had been looking at the santeria signatures in our previous issue and felt inspired by them.