July, 1962

El Corno Emplumado 3

, by Margaret Randall

Now the journal was making a name for itself. The typographical covers, with the publication’s name in continuous script across the top and the issue’s contributor’s names in continuous script along the bottom, each in its own bright color, began to be familiar to readers far and wide.

El Corno #3 featured portfolios of new poetry from Guatemala and Nicaragua, as well as poems by Hermann Hesse, Daisy Aldan, Anselm Hollo, Kenneth Patchen, Charles Bukowski, Thelma Nava, Paul Blackburn, Kathleen Fraser, Paolo Lionni, Okakura Kakuzo, Rochelle Owens, Efrain Huerta, Michael McClure, Sol Arguedas, Mario Benedetti, and others. The letter of appreciation we received from Herman Hesse—whose work had been important to many of us—was astonishing to receive. There were other letters by Clayton Eshleman, Jackson MacLow, and Ernesto Cardenal. And the art work was by Marisol, Jose Luis Cuevas, Franz Kline, and Eddy Johnson.