July, 1969

El Corno Emplumado 31

, by Margaret Randall

Following its defense of the 1968 Mexican Student Movement, El Corno had been struggling. We lost much of our financial support. Print shops were scared away from printing the journal. We ourselves were facing political reprisals and persecution, eventually forcing Margaret underground in the middle of 1969. We had joined forces with Movimiento Editores, but sadly El Corno Emplumado #31 was our last issue.

The journal went out with a bang. Work included pieces by Dave Sinclair, Jorge Enrique Adoum, Alfonso Desmortes, Antonio Cisneros, Leandro Katz, Edmundo Desnoes, and others. Kilton Stewart’s exciting essay on the Senoi dream culture broadened the journal’s scope. There was a small anthology of Guatemalan poetry, including Otto-Rene Castillo, Marco Antonio Flores, and others.

This last issue was dedicated to Anna Laurette Cohen, newborn daughter of Margaret and Robert Cohen.