, by Margaret Randall

Boy and Bananas, Chinandega, 1983 Managua Bus, Che and The BeeGees, 1980 Carlos Fonseca's Funeral, Managua, 1979 Diego, Curandero, 1982 Dona Leandra Vda. de Lopez, Esteli Farm Family, Esteli Girl in the Countryside, 1979 Sandinista Soldier, Laughing "Somewhere in Nicaragua" 1982 Masks, Leon, 1983 Mother and Daughter, San Pedro Norte, 1983 Militia Practice Women with Wash, Standing in front of Wall with Lines from a Rugama Poem, Tipitapa Virgin and Tennis Shoes, Market, Managua Always Along Demonstration Route, Managua, 1979 In the Coffee Fields Carnival, Diriamba, 1980 Children, Managua Girl at Home, Managua Mother and Daughter, Bluefields, Atlantic Coast Mothers Demanding Justice for their Dead Sons and Daughters, Managua, 1981 Girl Selling Fowl, Managua, 1979 Comandante Dora Maria Tellez, Leon, 1979 Woman Cooking, Masaya Boy Eating Mango, Managua Diego's Hands Nora Astorga, 1979 Norma Elena Gadea, Singing at Bismuna Young Boy, Managua Young Boys in Militia, Managua Grandmother and Grandaughter, Rivas Family Selling Vegetables at Country Railway Station Sister and Brother, Las Ruinas, Managua, 1979 Audience, Poetry Reading, Ciudad Dario, 1979 Young Woman Cooking, Esteli, 1979 Women's Batallion, Managua, 1983 Women Protesting, Managua, 1981 Mother and Daughter, Managua Market Woman, Manauga Woman with Towel on Head, Managua Two Young Girls, Rivas Children in Street, Masaya Young Sandinista Soldier, 1979 Mother and Daughter, Maria Dora Tellez and Dora Maria Tellez, Managua Woman Passing Wall, Managua 1979 Ernesto Cardenal 2013 Gioconda Belli and Ernesto Cardenal 2013 Isletas, Great Lake of Nicaragua 2013 Door, Granada, Nicaragua 2013